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A SEASIDE RESORT OF "STYLISH SPORTS" which was developped in the 20's, with attendance figures mainly composed of the high middle-class of the South West and Paris Area, combining industrials, academics, artists and doctors. The property programs while accompanying the touristic development of the resort by adopting the style "Néobasque" in a urban form qualified by "city-park"; Le sporting Casino, which attracts a stylish crowd, is built in those years; Today Hossegor is an architectural jewel of the Aquitaine Coast, European surfing capital and a Golf paradise, which has preserved the wild spirit of the Landes and Basque Art Deco houses while adopting harmoniously, ambitious creations of wood houses, earning them the surname; of "Californian villas";

AN ORGINAL "GASCON" NAME THAT MEANS "DEEP PIT" ... and who benefits through a shoal off (Capbreton Guf), powerful and massive waves, occurring over a long distance; The station is thus highly publicized since 2001, date of its introduction into the world championship of professional surfing: Every year in late September, the greatest surfers in the world are meeting on the Hossegor spots to compete  in an event counting towards the World Championships pro: The Quicksilver Pro France. The French Federation of Surf has also chosen to locate its headquarters in Hossegor.

GOLF "GRAND PRIX DES LANDES" EVERY SUMMER .... on the golf of Hossegor, the first weekend of August, where every year the best French and Spanish players compete. The Golf Club of Hossegor is in first national division in both male and female golf.

ANOTHER EVENT, COMMERCIAL BUT THAT DRIVES ANIMATION IN THE RESORT DURING ALL THE EASTER WEEK ... The sellout "Surf Spirit" which still attracts 100,000 people on the craft area where are located European brands Headquaters such as Rip Curl, Billabong. ..

EVEN IN WINTER - IF THERE IS HERE - "LA RONDE DES SABLES" .... Enduro Hossegor allowing 300 riders to compete on the vast beach of fine sand, cleaned all year by municipal services.